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Strawberry is a red fruit derived from the strawberry plant, a perennial plant belonging to the family of herbaceous plants, of the Fragaria genus (Rosaceae family). The strawberry is a small fruit of bright red color with small grains and a green stem. Its texture has medium firmness. From a nutritional point of view, the …

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The tomato production areas in Morocco benefit from very favourable pedoclimatic conditions, more regular temperatures, long periods of sunshine, competitive production capacities, producers know-how and  experienced workforce, the availability of cultivation land and state-of-the-art packaging, storage, and wrapping infrastructures.Moroccan tomato exporters use the latest advancements in quality preservation from harvest to marketing, in order to ensure …

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Pterocladia Capillacea

The leaves of this seaweed are of purplish red color and flattened, it measures 2 cm in width and 20 cm in height. These seaweeds are rich in fibers and antioxidants. the seaweeds of Morocco have an exceptional nutritional value and possess a refined taste. They prevent several conditions and are help maintain good health.

Gelidium Spenilosum 

Gelidium is a type of red algae from the Gelidiaceae family. This species of algae measures between 2 and 6 cm. It has a cartilaginous appearance of a purple color. It comprises 124 species, known by several common names and their size is generally between 2 and 40 cm. Their branching is irregular or in …

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Gelidium Sesquipedale

Gelidium Sesquipedale is a species of red algae with high commercial value and represents more than 90% of the harvests as it is an important source of agar-agar. It is also called Rebiâa and has the appearance of red thallus with a robust appearence and a cartilaginous consistency. It is composed of a set of …

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Chili/Hot pepper 

Chili/hot pepper’s cultivation dates back to the colonial period, and it was introduced to the Moroccan Kingdom  in the 1920s. Hot pepper is marketed on the national level as well as the local one, where it is consumed fresh similar to vegetables. It can be packaged as a powder, dried, or made into sauce or “harissa” to enrich …

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Sweet pepper 

The Nyora is native to Central America, and the conquistadors were the ones who imported it to Spain, where it spread rapidly all over the country and in Morocco as well. It is a pepper that does not burn, widely cultivated in the Beni Mellal-Khenifra region, a region that produces an excellent crop yield owing …

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Tuna is a large pelagic fish that has red coloured flesh. It can measure between 50 cm and 1.50 m, and in some cases, it can measure up to 3 m. In adulthood, its weight can reach up to 400 kgs.Moroccan bluefin tuna contains Omega 3 which plays an important role in the prevention of …

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In Morocco, this species is called Lanchouba. it has an elongated and slender body. The sides and underbelly are silver-coloured, while the back is blue-green, with a blue-grey stripe sometimes extending between the back and the sides.The anchovy is a real healthful food, as it contains a large amount of Omega 3. Morocco’s anchovies is …

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