Gelidium Sesquipedale

Gelidium Sesquipedale is a species of red algae with high commercial value and represents more than 90% of the harvests as it is an important source of agar-agar. It is also called Rebiâa and has the appearance of red thallus with a robust appearence and a cartilaginous consistency. It is composed of a set of fronds in tufts measuring between 10 and 25 cm. It is a thalloid seaweed, branching out on a single axis. Known as a clonal species, it grows in stands on rocky bottoms and in areas with strong water movement and exposure to wave action.
Gelidium sesquipedale is collected by commercial divers in Portugal and Morocco. In Spain and France, this alga is harvested directly from the coasts. 
Recently, the species has begun to be used in cosmetic products, as a skin care and sun protection ingredient. This seaweed contains metabolites such as carotenoids, peptides and mycosporin-like amino acids, with antioxidant properties.