Moroccan healthy food

Here, we present you with an overview of our agricultural and fisheries display, underscoring our standards of freshness, taste, and quality – a “so Moroccan” sense of excellence that you will get to experience from the first email exchange or phone call all the way to the deliciousness of your plate.

Our ambition is to demonstrate to all stakeholders in the UK fish and seafood industry (suppliers, buyers, logistics partners, retailers, and consumers) that every step of the collaboration will be grounded in international quality standards.

This approach, initiated by Morocco Foodex, the country’s Autonomous Export Control and Coordination Institution, also reflects a desire to renew ties with a historical economic partner that has been unfairly neglected due to various circumstances linked to EU regulations.

Following the BREXIT, the United Kingdom has become a direct partner of Morocco, with all the advantages that this implies for both sides in terms of ease of communication, traceability, logistics, transport, and, above all, transparency.

And the transparency
starts with this website

300 years
of diplomatic ties

The Kingdom of Morocco and the United Kingdom
the two oldest monarchies in the world

A friendship that dates back
to the 13th century

2018 : 2,5 billion

of trade between
the two countries.

Several bodies offer very attractive
deals for British companies wishing
to set up in Morocco

Agricultural sector in Morocco