The tomato production areas in Morocco benefit from very favourable pedoclimatic conditions, more regular temperatures, long periods of sunshine, competitive production capacities, producers know-how and  experienced workforce, the availability of cultivation land and state-of-the-art packaging, storage, and wrapping infrastructures.
Moroccan tomato exporters use the latest advancements in quality preservation from harvest to marketing, in order to ensure the arrival of healthy, better quality tomatoes in the export market, in full compliance with the regulations and standards in force.
The tomato is one of the predominant crops of Moroccan agriculture. It is the flagship product of Moroccan primeurs, and a leading product for export. It is a vegetable-fruit that has garnered many successes in cultivation and in export thanks to the commitment of the government and professionals in the conduct of great technical work at all levels: the variety choice, the choice of facilities and equipment, irrigation management, phytosanitary protection, and the integration of multiple new technologies allowing better crop management, thus emphasising sustainable development and energy saving.
95% of tomatoes in Morocco are produced in the Souss- Massa-Drâa region, while the rest of the production comes from Berkane and Safi. Glasshouse tomato crops are produced in the Agadir-Dakhla area.