Known as the green gold, avocado is a tropical species that adapts perfectly to subtropical climates with mild winters such as the Moroccan climate. The cultivation of avocado in Morocco has recorded a remarkable growth in recent years, including different varieties.
There are four dominant avocado cultivars in Morocco: Hass, Bacon, Fuerte, and Zutano. Zutano is the earliest variety, as it is harvested from mid-October to mid-December, while the Hass variety, who is particularly characterised by firmness and woody skin, is the latest variety. Hass is also the variety of avocado preferred by European consumers.
The climatic conditions of Morocco are favourable for the cultivation of avocado, as avocados grow best in warm and mild climates, and in places with strong sunlight.
Professionals use the latest production techniques and technologies. The sector continues to be more and more structured to guarantee a reliable and premium quality fruit.
The production is located mainly in the north of Morocco,  particularly in the regions of Larache and Lgharb. The different varieties of this fruit are cultivated in Morocco over a large area and with a large production volume.