Tanger Med, A World-Class Port Complex

Tanger Med is a global logistics gateway located on the Strait of Gibraltar with connections to more than 180 global ports and handling capacities of 9 million containers, 7 million passengers, 700,000 lorries, and 1 million vehicles. Tanger Med is an industrial platform for more than 1,100 companies with an annual turnover of 4.5 billion pounds in various sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, logistics, textile, and trade.

According to the Financial Times, Tanger Med is the world’s second most attractive economic zone. Serving 75 countries and 180 ports, including 7 in the UK, Tanger Med is the leading container port in the Mediterranean, ranking 24th globally.

Tanger Med also boasts a free zone that is home to top logistics operators, including DHL, CEVA Logistics, Nippon Express, Gefco, Emirates, Decahtlon, Omsan Logistics, and Adidas. These companies have recognised this hub’s tremendous potential thanks to its proximity to Europe and its attractive tax environment.

Whether as a port complex, as an industrial hub, or as a technological standard-bearer, Tanger Med stands as a world reference in all those respects.