Brexit: A Real Boon for Moroccan Exporters

Since the entry into force of Brexit, Moroccan exports of agri-food and fishery products have risen sharply.
Morocco is strengthening its position in the British market thanks to a competitive and high-quality offer. Indeed, Moroccan exports to the United Kingdom increased by 51% between January 2020 and January 2021 (all sectors combined).

Since the entry into force of Brexit, the British have turned to partners outside the European Union. The UK wishes to develop reliable partnerships with countries that meet the standards and expectations of the British market.

It is in this context that Morocco has succeeded in positioning itself ahead of some countries, such as South Africa or the Netherlands, in terms of exports. For example, exports increased by 459% for strawberries, 822% for zucchini, 57% for citrus fruits, and 14% for tomatoes, compared to the previous year.

These results bode well for commercial sustainability between the two countries.

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