Fresh Moroccan food

New Morocco-UK Maritime Route

Following Brexit, Morocco and the United Kingdom are opening a new maritime route between Tangier and Poole, in order to facilitate trade, namely of agri-food and fishery products.

The two governments have inaugurated a new maritime route connecting the port of Tangier to that of Poole, a town located in southern England. It is the sixth maritime line between the two countries, bolstering the existing maritime network, which now consists of the following routes:

  • Tangier – Felixstowe
  • Tangier – London Gateway
  • Tangier – Portsmouth
  • Tangier – Southampton
  • Tangier – Tilbury
  • Tangier – Poole

This new line will reduce to just 3 days the time needed for product shipments thanks to a diminished reliance on land routes, which can be quite restrictive. This time saving would guarantee the freshness of the products and their sparkling appeal on the shelves once they have arrived in British markets and supermarkets.

Operated by the British company United Seaways – a maritime transport specialist whose mission is to develop new access routes with countries deemed strategic, such as Morocco – this sea route will help consolidate trade between the two countries, whose purchase volume amounts to 180 million pounds to date.
This is a real boon for Moroccan exporters.