Brexit: What are the Agreements Signed by Morocco and the United Kingdom?

On 29 October 2019, against the backdrop of the entry into force of Brexit, Morocco and the United Kingdom signed agreements to activate and regulate trade between the two countries.
Indeed, the two long-standing partners proceeded with signing agreements to formalise trade-developing procedures, including agreements granting the community of Moroccan exporters facilities to access the British market.

The framework agreement provides, among other things, for:

  • Trade benefits;
  • Duty-free trading in industrial products;
  • Liberalisation of trade in agricultural, agri-food, and fishery products.

These agreements follow the broader lines of Morocco’s commercial and non-commercial terms with the European Union.

British consumers will continue to benefit from preferential rates on products imported from Morocco, such as fruits and vegetables. Moroccan consumers, for their part, will continue to benefit from advantageous rates on products such as dairy products, meat, fruits, and vegetables from the United Kingdom.

Beyond the purely commercial aspect, the agreement is also a political statement by Morocco and the United Kingdom. Note that annual ministerial meetings will be held to steer this partnership.

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