Production, Marketing and Exporting

Canned sardines and mackerels, Semi Preserved Anchovies, Deep sea fishing, Fish meal and fish oil, Aquaculture

Founded in 1973, Unimer Group has established itself as one of the greatest experts in the world of seafood. It operates a streamlined supply chain including its own international sourcing, an in-house product R&D department as well as diverse activities: canned sardines and mackerel; semi-preserved anchovies; deep sea fishing; fish farming; fish meal & fish oil; freezing. Unimer Group generates more than 97% of its sales outside of Morocco either directly or through its subsidiaries in England, France, Monaco or United States and Spain. The products are present all over the world through different brand names: either an in-house brand such as: Titus, La Monégasque, Vanelli, Madrigal, Princesse; or major distributors’ brands.