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The swordfish is a large pelagic and migratory fish. it is easily spotted thanks to its large flattened rostrum. It can measure up to 4.50 m and weigh several hundred kilograms as an adult.Its size ranges between 80 cm and  3.50 m, and it lives between the surface and 800 meters deep.The Moroccan swordfish is rich …

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Originating in Southern Europe, the carrot is a biannual root vegetable belonging to the Umbelliferae botanical family. From a nutritional point of view, carrots are full of vitamins and minerals essential for health, including vitamins A, B6, K, as well as phosphorus and potassium.In Morocco, carrots are grown throughout the year. 


Eggplant is a vegetable of the dicotyledonous plant (Solanaceae family). The term eggplant refers to both the plant and the fruit. Icon of Mediterranean gastronomy, eggplant is a fruit eaten like a vegetable. Eggplant has several varieties, although violet remains the most common.Its popularity stems from its plump, juicy, and tasty flesh. Eggplant is low …

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The courgette (zucchini) is the fruit of a plant with the same name. It belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family. The courgette is a summer squash that is one of the diuretic vegetables. It is picked before its maturity. According to its many varieties, this fruit, used as a vegetable, can be long or round, green …

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The scallop, also called Pecten maximus, is a species of marine bivalve mollusks from the family Pectinidae (which includes over 300 species). it is recognisable by its big size compared to the other species of the Pecten genus, for it can reach up to 15 cm of diameter .The scallop’s colour ranges between beige and …

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Razor Clams

The razor clam is a shellfish belonging to the Solenidae family. It owes its name to its knife handle shape. Rich in protein, this 10-20 cm long mollusk lives buried in the sand and is harvested during low tides along the Atlantic coast. It can be identified by the small keyhole-shaped holes it forms in …

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Littorina littorea, better known as winkle, is a marine molluscan gastropos species of the genus Littorina. The winkle has a soft body and a spiral, conical, pointed shell. The winkle is easily recognised thanks to its smooth, black and regularly rolled shell. It is a herbivorous grazer, which feeds on green algae and diatoms. It …

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The clam is a vernacular name for various sea bivalve molluscs, such as Ruditapes decussatus (common or European clam), Venerupis, and Ruditapes philippinarum3 (Manila clams, the most common in food). The clam is a bivalve mollusc that belongs to the Veneridae family and that particularly likes sandy bottoms where it buries itself deeply in order …

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Very popular between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, with a unique cultivation and processing method and traditional harvesting methods which have earned them great success, Moroccan mussels are particularly rich in amino acids and iron.Mytilida, more commonly known as mussels, is an order of bivalve molluscs. The mussel has a black and smooth shell. Thanks …

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Considered the most luxurious of all seafood, homarus is a highly valued dish by food enthusiasts who appreciate it for its fine meat and delicate taste. Homarus is a lobster-like crustacean living in the sea. It has a dark blue color and is characterized by its robust body. Homarus is 23-50 cm, long and can …

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