Considered the most luxurious of all seafood, homarus is a highly valued dish by food enthusiasts who appreciate it for its fine meat and delicate taste. Homarus is a lobster-like crustacean living in the sea. It has a dark blue color and is characterized by its robust body. Homarus is 23-50 cm, long and can even reach 65 cm. It lives on rocky bottoms up to 150 meters deep. 
Homarus is very nutritious. It contains zinc, selenium, copper and vitamin B12. 
Homarus can be easily distinguished from lobster by its imposing claws and its less spiny carapace. Covered by an articulated carapace, its body is divided into two parts: the cephalothorax (or head, or chest) and the abdomen (tail).
In cooking, homarus does not need much work to look breathtaking, and is perfect for all combinations. From the nutritional point of view, homarus is particularly interesting for its flesh high in protein and low in lipids.