Catégorie: Pelagic


The swordfish is a large pelagic and migratory fish. it is easily spotted thanks to its large flattened rostrum. It can measure up to 4.50 m and weigh several hundred kilograms as an adult.Its size ranges between 80 cm and  3.50 m, and it lives between the surface and 800 meters deep.The Moroccan swordfish is rich …

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Canned sardines

Moroccan canned sardines are rich in proteins and vitamin B12. Before being canned, the sardines’ heads are removed, then they are gutted and cooked, with the free space in between filled with vegetable oil or other marinades. Moroccan canned sardines are quality-oriented and have acquired several international certifications.


Tuna is a large pelagic fish that has red coloured flesh. It can measure between 50 cm and 1.50 m, and in some cases, it can measure up to 3 m. In adulthood, its weight can reach up to 400 kgs.Moroccan bluefin tuna contains Omega 3 which plays an important role in the prevention of …

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  Horse mackerel 

Horse mackerel (Trachurus trachurus) is a fish species of the family Carangidae . It is a pelagic species and can be found in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The horse mackerel is distinguished by a very indented caudal fin and bony scutes (in the posterior lateral line), highlighting its silvery sheen. It stays …

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In Morocco, this species is called Lanchouba. it has an elongated and slender body. The sides and underbelly are silver-coloured, while the back is blue-green, with a blue-grey stripe sometimes extending between the back and the sides.The anchovy is a real healthful food, as it contains a large amount of Omega 3. Morocco’s anchovies is …

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In Morocco, this species is called Kabaila or Zaroug. It can live in the surface to under 300 meters in deep waters. Its common size ranges between 15 and 30 cm.The mackerel is rich in vitamins B and D, as well as minerals such as iron, iodine, and selenium. It is also a very good …

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Thanks to its exposure to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea (3,500 km-long coastline), Morocco has an important stock of fishery resources. Morocco’s fish production is constantly evolving. This growth is mainly due to its flagship species, Sardina pilchardus Walbaum, of which Morocco is both the leading producer and exporter in the world.The …

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