The cuttlefish is an extraordinary species, whether by its shape or its lifestyle. In fact, it is considered to be the most intelligent molluscs. The cuttlefish’s meat is famous for its distinctive taste and delicate aroma. It is also rich in nutrients.   
Measuring about 20 to 30 cm in length (with the tentacles included), It has an inner float that serves as an endoskeleton. Its head is composed of short arms, each of which is equipped with suction cups, two large tentacles, and two very large eyes.
Similar to other cephalopods, the cuttlefish’s eyes are exceptionally large and complex compared to other invertebrates, allowing it to have a sophisticated vision. In addition, it is equipped with a lateral line that provides further information on its surroundings, both as a predator and prey. With its ability to mimic, cuttlefish can change its colour owing to its skin’s chromatophores, which are controlled by the brain. It ejects a black liquid called sepia through a specific organ, the funnel (leading into the mantle cavity). This liquid, also named “ink” or “squid ink”, allows it to hide so it can escape.