Extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil has been known and used since ancient times. All the peoples of the Mediterranean used it for their cooking as well as for cosmetic purposes, and it was frequently used for the preservation of other foods. Evidence of its use can be traced back to 8,000 years prior to our era. Olive oil trade within the Mediterranean region flourished with the Phoenician, Greek, and Roman civilisations and the use of amphorae for its storage. Near Naples, olive oil residues dating back to 2,000 years were found in glass bottles.
Moreover, the reputation of olive oil is well established as a beneficial product for the body. It is a healthy oil, and used in many recipes all around the world.
Morocco enjoys an excellent reputation as an olive oil producer. The quality of olives enables their use for canning and oil production. Likewise, dried pomace is also marketed. In addition to its food-related use, olive oil is used for therapeutic purposes.