Sea bream

Sea bream is a semi pelagic fish, characterised by an oval shape that is laterally compressed, a head with an almost straight profile, a pointed snout, and a rather small mouth in a low and sloped position.
Living near the bottom, it frequently roams in coastal waters, on various seafloors (rocks, gravel, sand, or mud). It is found between 5 and 200 m deep in the Mediterranean Sea and up to 300 m deep in the Atlantic, but most often it is found between 20 and 100 m. It migrates in deeper water during the winter. Sometimes, it enters ports.
It is a common fish whose usual length is 15 to 30 cm, with the maximum known size being 60 cm. The specimens observed by divers are generally smaller than those marketed, caught in the circalittoral* level often below 100 m.