The umbrina is a bony fish, belonging to the order of Perciformes like the grouper, the mullet, the sea bream, and especially the meager, which resembles it. This fish lives in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
Visually speaking, it has a distinctive colouring, more or less silvery with oblique yellowish lines, going up towards the back. This fish has two dorsal fins and a short chin barbel. It also has a flattened body on the side and a rounded snout with a small barbel that protrudes from the lower jaw. The back and sides as well as the lower part of the fish are silver. The fins are golden with a black lower edge of the operculum.
Highly appreciated for its white and meaty flesh, the umbina generally measure between 30 and 70 cm, but some males can reach up to 150 cm and weigh up to 45 kg.