Moroccan sectoral Federation of the Fishing Products Processing and Valorisation Industries.

The Moroccan Federation of Seafood Processing and Valorization Industries (FENIP) is a professional organization created on November 21, 1996. FENIP brings together 6 professional associations that encompass 350 companies of seafood processing and valorization industries.
Sea products is made up of seven branches of activity, six of which are represented in professional organizations that are members of FENIP:
• The canned-fish industry: represented by UNICOP.
• The semi-canned fish industry: represented by AMASCOP.
• The fishmeal and fish oil industry: represented by ANAFAP.
• Seafood freezing industries: represented by ANICOM.
• The aquaculture industry : represented by UNAM.
• The seaweed processing industry: (AGAR AGAR) associate member. • Seafood processing industries in Agadir represented by FIPROMER.