Semi Preserved Seafood Production

Semi-preserved Pickled Fish, Grilled Vegetables, Tapenades and Vegetable Spreads, Anchovies Banderillas, Méchouia Salad.

Antipasti-med is an agri-food company specializing in semi-preserved seafood products such as anchovies, octopus, seafood and antipasti. Located in Tangier between the two seas and with the Italian know-how, Antipasti-Med elaborates in its units tasty preparations such as marinades of fish, and salads of the products of the sea as well as a wide range of marinated grilled vegetables.
Antipasti-Med offers the following product ranges:

  • Semi-preserved pickled fish
  • Grilled vegetables
  • The tapenades and vegetable spreads
  • Vegetable/ anchovies Banderillas.
  • Méchouia salad.