Production and Export

Hard Candy, Lollipop, Chewing gum, Stick and Dragee, Bubble-gum, Toffee and Chew candy.

Since 1928, E.M.SA company (EBBO MAROC S.A) has devoted its activity and resources to the production and marketing of confectionery, chocolate and chewing gum products. E.M.SA develops its know-how to delight all age groups. A know-how that is strongly attached to traditions but also continues to innovate and modernize. The company has undergone great changes in order to meet its consumers’ needs. The company’s spirit and vision, innovation and development of new products, and a strongly experienced team are the keys of its success. EMSA has a surface of 7500 m2 with modern installations for manufacturing, storing and shipping a wide range of products. The company also exports to 20 countries all over Africa, Middle East and Europe. MANUFACTURE EMSA has 14 production and packing lines for various products (hard candy, chewing gum…). In its manufacturing process, top notch raw materials are used to obtain excellent products to all consumers, local or foreign markets, while also optimizing the supply chain to be more productive and competitive.