Production and Marketing of Early Peaches and Nectarines

Peaches and Nectarines

For 25 years, Domaines Agricoles BENZIT has been investing in varietal research to meet the different requirements, agronomic, logistical and commercial, with the ultimate objective of surprising, attracting and delighting the consumer since March with a sweet and tasty fruit ! Domaines Agricoles BENZIT are located in Morocco, in unique microclimates that ensure the sweetest, best-eating fruit of our exclusive varieties of early white and yellow peaches and nectarines. They have the widest portfolio of exclusive early varieties over their two different production sites of about 500 hectares; the historic property in Taroudant near of Agadir city, and the new property in Marrakech. These regions are renowned for their high penetration rates of the sun and high chill units, ensuring the earliness with a high brix levels, the optimal color, the size and the flavor of the fruit. This microclimate also allows us to produce fruits with a higher internal structure, which ensure the firmness, the good appearance and extends the shelf life of the fruits. Domaines Agricoles BENZIT, ensure the production, the handling, and the direct marketing of its peaches and nectarines and comply with the strictest standards in food and safety practices from its own fields to the final client. Its staff is trained in all aspects of hygiene, food handling and safety practices. Domaines Agricoles BENZIT are certified HACCP, Global-Gap, BRC, TESCO Nurture, Field to Fork and SEDEX. Domaines Agricoles Benzit, are the leaders and only producer in Morocco who has a large portfolio of exclusive varieties adapted to the low chill areas which allows to offer a solution to the missing Quality/Reliability from mid-March to first June, and meet client’s requirements by providing a high and constant quality for Europe, mainly France, Italy, and Netherlands, as well as the Middle East and Russia.