Production & Export Fruits and Vegetables

Speciality Tomatoes, Citrus, Grapes and Avocado

Delassus group is a moroccan grower of snacking tomatoes, citrus, grapes, avocados and flowers. It manages 3000 ha and exports up to 100 000 t / year. It employs 6200 dedicated employees. Delassus group has existed for more than 70 years. The Delassus philosophy is rooted in the fields that are dedicated to growing its crops. Created in 1948 vy French growers, the company was made up of one small packhorse and few hectares of clementine trees. The Bennani Smires family bought the company in 1962 and since then they have continued investing and developing it. Today, from a single company, Delassus has become a Group. The farms of the Delassus Group are organized in 5 business segments. Each one specializes in one product type :
• Delassus sa : citrus business with 2200 ha; Duroc : Snacking tomates with 450 ha
• Tassoultant : Grapes with 160 ha; Nozoma : Avocados with 70 ha; Prim’Rose : Flowers with 65 ha
92% of Delassus Group’s export comes from its own farms using dedicated pack houses. Packsouss for citrus and Duroc for snacking tomatoes are equipped with the state-of- the art technology. They answer the most demanding packaging requirements and are fully certified. Tassoultant (grapes), Nozoma (Avocados) and La Clementine (flowers) are tailor-made to pack as per the supermarkets and importer’s requirements.