Production, conditioning and export of citrus

Citrus fruits, melons, pomegranates, olives

CAP AGRO is a privately owned company which began upon its trajectory in March 2000. We started our activity with the cultivation of a small plot of Charentais Melons for the French Market. Quickly gaining a name for ourselves due to the high quality of our products, we have developed our activities since then. Today, CAP AGRO is one of the most established companies in the Marrakech area. With surfaces overpassing 1300 hectares (Easy-peelers, Melons, Pomegranates and Olives), we will export about 20.000 tons of fresh produce this forthcoming season with the planned objective to reach 30.000 tons in 2019/2020. We have faith in our continuous development, thanks to the important means put in place during the recent years. This allows us to consider any new opportunity with complete tranquility. Last but not least, Cap Agro is not a board or a trading company: What we export is what we grow !