Production and Export

Plants : Eucalyptus Leaves & Cut, Rosemary Leaves & Cut, Dandelion Roots, Savory, Anise, Sage, Red poppy, Ash tree, Jupiner, Pomegranate Peels, Khella Seeds, Laurel Leaves, Myrtle Essential oils : Chamomile Flowers, Atlas Cedar, Penny Royal, Myrtle, Oregano, Rosemary, Verbena, White wormwood Vegetable oils : Prickly pear seed, Argan

Baba Sidi Herbs is a company that produces, exports and distributes aromatic and medicinal plants from the incredible generosity of the Moroccan ecosystem. It offers a selection of high-quality products from organic or conventional crops, such as aromatic and medicinal plants (rosemary, thyme, orange peels…), essential oils: thyme, verbena, atlas cedar, rosemary, chamomile, … Baba Sidi Herbs distributes its products all over the world: Canada, USA, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, China, India, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates… It assures its customers of quality products, certified, from conformist and / or organic farming, carefully picked and sorted by hand, respecting the environmental heritage.