Production and Export

Natural and organic products: Olive Tree Pearls (caviar), Face cream against dark spots, Anti-Psoriasis capsules, Anti-Aging capsules, Anti-inflammatory capsules, Olive tree powder, and Organic briquettes…

The story of Atlas Olive Oils begins in 1887 when Boujida Aqallal was producing his famous organic extra virgin olive oil. Atlas Olive Oils is today the largest integrated producer in Morocco and exports its products in the world’s four continents. After years of intensive R&D with a team of reputed doctors and nutritherapists, Atlas Olive Oils, through its subsidiary Olivie Pharma, conceived a line of products very rich in antioxidants coming 100% naturally from organic and desert-based olive trees. The product line Olivie is the result of an integrated project that includes olive tree growing, olive transformation and the applied research for a wider and more efficient use of the olive’s health particularities. The project resulted in the creation of innovative products: OLIVIE Force, OLIVIE Beauty… The latest product is an organic ecologic briquette that is smoke free and lasts three times longer than regular briquettes for barbecue and fireplaces.