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Pterocladia Capillacea

The leaves of this seaweed are of purplish red color and flattened, it measures 2 cm in width and 20 cm in height. These seaweeds are rich in fibers and antioxidants. the seaweeds of Morocco have an exceptional nutritional value and possess a refined taste. They prevent several conditions and are help maintain good health.

Gelidium Spenilosum 

Gelidium is a type of red algae from the Gelidiaceae family. This species of algae measures between 2 and 6 cm. It has a cartilaginous appearance of a purple color. It comprises 124 species, known by several common names and their size is generally between 2 and 40 cm. Their branching is irregular or in …

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Gelidium Sesquipedale

Gelidium Sesquipedale is a species of red algae with high commercial value and represents more than 90% of the harvests as it is an important source of agar-agar. It is also called Rebiâa and has the appearance of red thallus with a robust appearence and a cartilaginous consistency. It is composed of a set of …

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The olive tree grew in the 12th millennium before our era has known real forests. It was not until the sixth century BC that humans began to domesticate it. From the 16th century BC, the Phoenicians implanted it in all Greece and in the Mediterranean basin. It was through Massilla (Marseille) in 600 BC that …

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Saffron is used in cooked dishes, but also in cosmetics and as a medicinal product. It is known as the most difficult spice to produce and therefore has a high market value. The plant grows well in Mediterranean scrublands and on arid or semi-arid lands. Precipitation, followed by several dry summers, plays a vital role …

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