Created thousands of years ago in Southeast Asia, the orange is one of the most consummed fruits in the world.
This fruit did not gain its popularity in Europe untill the 15th century thanks to the great trading expeditions. To date, the orange is the 4th most cultivated fruit in the world. The passion for this fruit, apart from its sweet taste, stems from the many benefits it brings. Rich in vitamin C, the latter helps fight cold and fatigue. In addition, the orange is a fruit with low calorie content while being high in carbohydrates and antioxydants, thus providing the body with the necessary energy while taking care of its skin and bones.
The orange is the fruit of the orange tree belonging to the Rutaceae family. The blooming of the orange tree takes place from March to July. The orange tree is then covered with small, very fragrant white flowers. These flowers are used to make orange-blossom water, frequently used in perfumery and in baking. As for the harvest of the fruit, it begins in autumn. Depending on the fruit varieties, the harvest may last up to 6 months.