The wolffish is also known under the name of “Bass”. The difference between these two names lies in the fishing site only. If it is fished in the Mediterranean Sea, it is called “wolffish”. It is called a “bass” when it lives in the Atlantic Ocean. The name “wolffish” stems from the voracity of this fish. Indeed, the wolffish can swim with its mouth wide open in order to eat anything in its way, apart from plankton. Whether it is sardines, anchovies, mullet, eels, crabs, squids or even all shellfish, all are eaten by the wolffish, they have just to be smaller than it.
During its youth the wolffish, moves in schools, but it becomes a solitary fish in adulthood. In the summer, the bass likes to live near rocky shores and beaches with crashing waves. It is then line-caught by individual fishermen. Professionals fish it on the high seas, either with a line or a net.
It is a fish with a fusiform body. The head is much wider than the base of the tail. The most important volume is at the front, which gives a massive and chunky appearance to its body.