Norway lobster (Langousitine) 

The Norway lobster/langoustine possesses a tubular body, ranging from 10 to 24 cm, and a shell equipped with a well-developed rostrum. It lives in deep waters ranging between 20 and 800 m.
The Norway lobster is an excellent source of proteins, and it also provides phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, trace elements, and several vitamins.
Believed to be a crustacean of the Decapods order, of the Macrurans suborder, the langoustine is closer to the lobster than the spiny lobster even if the name suggests otherwise. High in calcium, iron, and phosphorous, langoustine’s meat is particularly prised and low in calories (when eaten without the head). The common langoustine inhabits sandy bottoms, near the continental shelf, in deep waters ranging from 15 and 800 meters.