Production and export

Olive oil

Zitoun Al Atlas is active in both growing olive trees and cold extraction of high-quality extra virgin olive oil under the brand Monaliva. Its unique position at the heart of the unspoiled Atlas Mountains in Morocco confers to Monaliva a special and delicious savor. Zitoun Al Atlas pays a careful attention to what it considers at the essence of its product, namely: olive’s varieties, nature of the soil («Terroir»), mountain climate, care with which olives are picked. Monaliva is a pure fruity olive oil. Its fresh olives are carefully selected in the Atlas Mountains. Its extraction by cold press preserves its very low acidity and delicious flavors. Monaliva is the healthiest dressing for any mediterranean diet. 2013 1st prize for best Moroccan extra virgin olive oil. Selected in the Flos Olei guide of best extra virgin olive oils in the world. Range of products includes Picholine, Arbequine and Koroneiki extra virgin olive oils in 500 ml and 750 ml glass bottles, 750 metallic bottles and 3 liters tins