Production, Distribution and Export

Major brands : Dessaux (vinegar) – Pikarome (sauces – canned vegetables –canned fish) – Ice (soft drinks) – Mazine (water) – Vanelli (pastas)– Vima (sauces) – Tajini (Moroccan simmer sauces and ready meals)

VCR-SODALMU is the result of various company mergers initiated in 1936. In the past, the company’s activity was limited to the production of canned gherkins and vinegar and its distribution within the Moroccan market. Today, VCR-SODALMU is considered as a leading company in the food-processing industry in Morocco and offers a wide range of products commercialized under more than 20 brands. Thanks to the experience gained throughout the years, a strong knowhow and a performing marketing, VCR-SODALMU’s brands benefits from strong notoriety on the Moroccan market and also abroad. In fact, Dessaux vinegar, Pikarome sauces & canned gherkins, and Ice soft drinks are exported today to more than 20 countries worldwide. For more than 80 years, VCR-SODALMU has never stopped its expansion. In fact, its latest acquisition of the Tajini brand in 2015 allows it to further diversify its product list with traditional Moroccan simmer sauces and ready-made meals.