Production & Export of Fruits and Vegetables

Citrus, red fruits, grapes, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, wheat, olives, olive oil

Moroccan Tastes is an affiliate of the Jamai Group, a well-known and well-respected industry leader in the real estate, textile and agricultural sectors. We intend to turn Morocco into an important player on the world market of fruits and vegetables. For this purpose, we select the best products throughout all regions of the Kingdom for export abroad providing our customers with full traceability.
We also adopt an approach based on compliance with the highest standards in terms of quality, hygiene and safety.
Our staff is highly qualified and experienced, which combined with our production process ensures the finest in terms of premium quality products.
At Moroccan Tastes, we strive to place client satisfaction at the forefront of our company policy and values. Not only does our team work diligently to deliver a product of superior quality while respecting stringent deadlines, but we also work to surpass expectations and deliver solutions in the fast-paced produce industry.
Values: Customer and people-oriented, Sustainable and responsible, Transparency.