Production and Export of Marinated Anchovies and Sardines

Marinated Anchovies in Vinegar, Marinated Anchovies in the Sunflower Oil, Marinated Anchovies in Garlic and Prasley, Marinated Anchovies in the Oriental Sauce, Marinated Sardines in Basil

MARPEX is an industry created in 2003, specialized in the manufacturing and the export of marinated products based on anchovies and sardines. Rich in its experience in the domain, MARPEX has been able to adapt to the needs of the international market and offers its partners a wide range of marinated products of high quality, handcrafted and at very competitive prices. Our positioning in the port of Agadir a few meters from the dock of landing of catches allows us to control the freshness of fish at landing, to guarantee the cold chain and to build strategic fish stocks to meet the needs of our customers on time.