Defending the Interests of the Citrus Industry in Morocco


Maroc Citrus contributes to the development of citrus exports, improving the competitiveness of citrus products in foreign markets and diversifying opportunities. It also represents its members and defending their interests with public authorities. The Moroccan Interprofessional Citrus Fruit Federation (Maroc Citrus) was created in 2009. It brings together 5 professional organisations representing all the links in the citrus fruit sector, namely
• The Moroccan Association of Certified Citrus Plant Producers (AMAPAC).
• The Association of Moroccan Citrus Producers (ASPAM).
• The Association of Citrus Fruit Conditioners of Morocco (ASCAM).
• The Moroccan Association of Citrus Processing Industries (AMITAG).
• The Moroccan Association of Citrus Exporters (Citrus Export).
Maroc Citrus is managed by a General Assembly made up of representatives of all the components of the citrus sector and by a Board of Directors made up of 24 members and a Bureau of 13 members.
It also has a department responsible for managing the dossiers of this interprofession and monitoring the implementation of its action plan decided by the Board of Directors.