Processing, Packaging and Export

Olive oil

O’live is the result of many years of investment and agricultural expertise. The work processes are based on a single model. Combining new technologies and treatments handcrafted, these methods allow to obtain high quality oil. A single cold pressing is performed to obtain an oil Extra Virgin rare purity. In order to keep its flavor, the oil is carefully stored in stainless steel tanks, protected from light and air and then maintained at an optimal temperature between 18 and 21°C. The oil comes 100% of the orchards with total traceability and complies with the three criteria defined by the IOC (International Olive Oil Council), namely the acidity, peroxide value and phenol poly rate. Plus, it has no default on the olfactory. For the crushing unit, the company has a modern unit 73T / days with stainless steel tanks with a capacity of 5OO tons and a bottling unit. O’live’s oil appears for the 2nd year in a row in the guide of the best oils in the world: MARCO OREGGIA: BUY FLOS OLEI 2014- a guide to the world of virgin olive oil (ENG).