Les douceurs du Maroc

Sale and production of Moroccan food products (100% natural)

Amlou ilight (Almonds butter & Argan oil spread) and Amlou light Dark chocolate (Almonds butter & Argan oil & Dark chocolate spread), Spices, Extra virgin olive oil, Roasted and cosmetic organic argan oil, Artisanal jams, Olives, Tapenades, Candied lemon, Harissa, Couscous and semolina, Herbal teas

Les Douceurs du Maroc is a selling and producing company of Moroccan local food products. Our mission is to showcase the products of our region through their wonderful health benefits. The love we have for our land and our traditions have led us to develop a range of 100% natural products whose harvesting, manufacturing and sanitary hygiene processes are rigorously controlled and approved in terms of health. All our products come exclusively from small farms and women cooperatives who have mastered production and preparation perfectly for generations. We also provide the outsourcing of international private labels.