Production, Packaging and Export of fresh Citrus Fruits and Vegetables

Citrus: Clementine, Orange, Lemon Vegetables: Tomato, Pepper, Zucchini Fruits: Watermelon

GROUPE KANTARI is a leading company specialized in citrus fruits and vegetables exportation. It’s based in the region of Berkane, in North-East of Morocco, an area famous for its sweet and juicy Clementine. Berkane is commonly reputed as the “Terroir of Clementine”, land of Clementine by excellence. It’s not a surprise that in 2010, the Clementine of Berkane was awarded the label IGP (Protected Geographic Identification) initiated and supervised by GROUPE KANTARI. With more than 4500 hectares of citrus trees GROUPE KANTARI is by far the biggest exporter of citrus in Berkane. GROUPE KANTARI affiliated farms are all Global GAP-certified, while the pack houses are complying with the HACCP, BRC and WCA, social welfare requirements. Aware of the importance of Food safety, GROUPE KANTARI has set up tough control systems to guarantee the safety of its products, from farms to final consumer. GROUPE KANTARI has been regularly awarded, nationally and internationally for the high quality of its products.