An organization representative of all professionals in all the activities of the Moroccan chain value of the Olive : Olives, Table olives and olive oil.

“The Moroccan Interprofessional Federation of Olive (INTERPROLIVE) is a professional organization created in 2009. It groups different organizations which represent the various activities of the sector. INTERPROLIVE brings together producers, canned industry, olive oil manufacturers, traders, importers and exporters in the sector. The Federation’s main objectives are to:
• Represent and defend the interests of its members;
• Study specific measures to develop the sector and improve the conditions of production, distribution and sale of olive products;
• Provide its members with any assistance likely to promote and develop their activities.
INTERPROLIVE and all its members are mobilized to welcome and accompany partners in the destination markets for olive products from Morocco (networking, promotion of investment…).”