Processing and Freezing Sea Products

Horse Mackerel, Mackerel, Sardines, Sardinella

HBZ Group is a Moroccan fish processing company with an international orientation; it produces high quality fish products for markets all over the world. We focus on providing the best quality frozen fish and an excellent customer service in export. The manufacturing and processing of the sea products is indeed the specialty of Sud Process Fishing. The company is based in Dakhla, in southern Morocco. Sud Process Fishing has at its disposal 46 fishing vessel from which we choose only the best quality of sardines before anyone else. Our factory RIJAL SAKIA EL HAMRA is located in direct proximity to the port to ensure best time transit between harbor and the factory.

  • PRODUCTION: We use four basic pelagic fish of Morocco – sardinella, sardine, horse mackerel and mackerel as main raw material and process it by using the most modern technologies.
  • QUALITY: In order to ensure the best quality of our products, our fully equipped laboratory provides a strict quality control that starts with the reception of raw material and continues through the entire production process.