Processing, packaging and export

Red fruits

Our story started back in 2012 when iberry was created. We are a producer, packer and exporter of berries, fresh and frozen; mainly Raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. Our Main office is in the region of Moulay Bousselham. Our cooler in Moulay bousselham is the main factory where we have both fresh and frozen production around the year. Our secondary office is in the region of Agadir, where we decided to have an expansion to complete our production calendar. We have our own farms as well as collaborating with growers who embrace the same values as iberry. To ensure we offer our clients a wide range of choices we have many varieties, as we also develop our own varieties within our research department. We have our test plot where we test new cultivars and we have signed many collaboration contracts with many breeders to test and get access to new varieties for the 3 berries.Everyday our team start the day quest in our farms and our coolers to bring the best of the day and bring the best of each other. Our berries are picked with love and joy and packed on field to minimise damage due to repeated touching. And our quality team in the field and back in the cooler make sure they verify and check the quality standards have been respected in every arrival of fruits that comes to the cooler. The fruits then continue their journey to the clients to be appreciated and give a meaning to our efforts by the end of each day. Our philosophy and what we strive for “Create an on field experience for our clients so they can taste the nature”. Of course! Our slogan is “Direct from the field”. And to reach a maximum of clients we have our own commercial platform in UK and we are suppliers to many of the prestigious supermarkets in UK, Europe, Russia and Middles east.