Production and Export

Olives, Lemon, Harissa, Preserved Vegetables Prune, Olive Oil

BLED CONSERVES is one of the leading exporters of canned olives and apricots, lemon and vegetable in Morocco. It specializes in the processing and storage of olives and vegetables. With its infrastructure and teams, BLED CONSERVES supplies its partners with products of the highest quality, and the new product in 2018 olive oil extra virgin in glasses bottle 75cl, 50cl, 25cl. Since its foundation in 2004, BLED CONSERVES has been developing its olive activity by creating new production units and increasing its financial and human resources. The company’s production capacity is estimated at 10 000 tons per year for olive and 3 000 tons per day for apricot. The company has diversified its product range by adding new products like apricot pulp, hot pepper and lemon.