Production, R&D and Export


Henry’s biscuits’ history dates back to 1929, with 600 000 packs sold every day. The brand may not suffer from exacerbated competition to this day, despite the exponential development of the biscuit market. While some of the brand’s products are selling 50 000 units a day, the «little green» is worth 600 000 packages, perhaps because it is the only cookie to go into making family cakes. The product is distributed everywhere: at wholesalers, retailers, supermarkets and hypermarkets. To supply the market, the Mobigen Group has three factories, 17 distribution platforms and a fleet of 250 vehicles covering the whole country. Additionally, by investing these last years, Henry’s confirms its desire to capitalize on R&D to develop the biscuits in many categories. The R&D service supports the company’s strategy of continuous innovation in order to offer consumers products that always meet their expectations, everywhere and wherever they are.