Production and Marketing

The entire production of these berries is concentrated in the north of Morocco (Gharb and Loukkos) thanks to suitable natural conditions (such as land, water and climate), the availability of a skilled workforce and the proximity to the European market. Strawberries, introduced since 1980, have developed rapidly while other bays are still in the stage of introduction (raspberries, blueberries and blackberries) or experimentation.
The current status of the strawberry in 2018/2019 : – Area : 3 537 ha – Estimate production : 148 554 T – Export fresh : 21 416 T – Export frozen : 54 011 T It is worth mentioning that almost all agricultural exports are EUREPGAP certified, and that the majority of packing stations and freezing units are HACCP certified, in order to meet the requirements of clients end the legal standards of the European and American markets.
The current status of other red fruits : The growth of the demand for these fruits off season in the European market is the reason behind the growing interest in their introduction and development in Morocco. Raspberries : 2 450 ha. Blueberries : 2 306 ha Goji berries: 60 ha Blackberries : 50 ha The current exportations in 2018/2019 are estimated at 25 185 T for blueberries, 28 386 T for raspberries and 815 T for blackberries and are expected to show a rapid growth in the short term for raspberries and in the medium and long terms for blueberries and blackberries. Total in sales: estimated at 345 Millions Euros for export of red fruits. About 129 000 T of Moroccan red fruits are exported to about 60 countries on the 5 continents but the main destination remains the European Union.
Morroco green plan at 2023 : Strawberry : 4 000 ha. Raspberry : 3 000 ha Blueberry : 4 000 ha. Blackberry : 100 ha. The expected development will happen thanks to the Moroccan Interprofessional Federation of Red Fruits (INTERPROBERRIES MAROC) and national and international organizations likely to boost the sector by investing in advanced technologies (research, nurseries, etc.) and a guarantee of regular outlets.