Cultivation, extraction and export

Olive oil

Noor Fes olive oil offers an authentic taste from the Moroccan terroir. The olives harvested by hand in the heart of the estate’s orchards are cold pressed to guarantee generous, tasty and quality extra-virgin oil, in practical packaging. Each drop is packed with delicious fruity flavors and valuable, healthy antioxidants. Noor Fès has received multiple gold medals for the originality and quality of its olive oil. At the family estate, the olive groves are home to a variety of ancestral noble trees: the Moroccan picholine. Nourished by an exceptional climate, the olive trees produce fruits with an intense taste, which are harvested manually without harming the fruits. To preserve the authenticity of its taste and all its virtues, premium olive oil is cold pressed, less than 4 hours after picking. The filtering by a natural process produces a clear olive oil, with a homogeneous and pleasant texture, and without residue. Rich in polyphenols and antioxidants, it has real health benefits. In addition, it has a low acidity rate of 0.29%.